Ketogenic Diet


Most of our lives we've been told that sugar is our bodies primary source of energy. While this statement may be true, there is a more powerful and effective source of fuel that is often overlooked: ketones

Ketones, also know as "ketone bodies", are produced when the body metabolizes fat which are then used to power cells .

When ketone levels reach 0.5mmol/L or higher your body is considered to be in the metabolic state of ketosis. The focus behind a ketogenic diet is to activate a state of ketosis through eating high fat, moderate protein, low carb meals.

Increasing in popularity, more people are choosing ketosis as a way to improve their overall physical and mental health.



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A ketogenic diet is a diet consisting of high fat, moderate protein and low carb intake. Everyone’s body works differently, however a general rule of thumb for the keto diet is one that consists of 70-80% high fats, 20-25% protein and 5-10% carbohydrates.

Studies have shown our bodies naturally produce glucose and insulin . The insulin is then used to processes the glucose, which is then used as a primary source of energy. Since your body is using glucose as a primary source of energy the fats that you intake are then stored in your body. By switching to a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates our body then starts to use fat as a primary source of fuel rather than carbohydrates.

When your body starts to metabolize fats instead of carbohydrates it produces ketones, this process is referred to as ketosis. Instead of slowly converting fat and muscle cells into glucose for energy your body is specifically breaking down fat for energy. The main goal with a ketogenic diet is to put your body into this state of ketosis through the starvation of carbohydrates.




Many people use ketosis for benefits such as:

  • Weight Loss: Once ketosis is achieved your body will begin to use your body fat as a direct source of energy, rather than the sugars you eat, which in turn leads to weight loss
  • Mental Focus: Increased mental performance as ketones are a preferred source of fuel for the brain which can result in increased stability of energy and focus
  • Increased Energy and Appetite Control: Studies have shown that fats are the most effective source of fuel for your body. By utilizing these fats you will begin to feel an increase in your energy levels, keeping you energized throughout your day and keeping your appetite under control.
  • Increased physical performance: Ketosis naturally lowers blood sugar levels avoiding physical crashes due to spikes in your blood sugar. It has even been shown as an effective way to manage and prevent diabetes.
  • Disease prevention: Ketosis has been shown to reduce inflammation, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and benefit diabetics and cancer patients.




Exogenous ketones, often referred to as bhb salts, are a supplement used for increasing performance and energy, as well as, enhancing a low carb diet designed for weight loss. While the body already naturally produces ketones, these ketones can be used to elevate your bodies ketone levels which in turn promotes ketosis




For those who are new to using exogenous ketones, try 1/4 to 1/2 scoop heavily diluted in water or your choice of beverage. There can be an adjustment period so remember to slowly increase your intake to prevent any stomach issues. In addition remember to consume lots of water as the transition to ketosis removes water from our bodies. 




  • In the morning or between meals for sustainable energy
  • Before or during physical exercise for an increase in energy
  • During the day for increased mental performance and heightened focus.
  • After meals that can put your body out of ketosis (eg. high carb meals) to help transition back into ketosis.

Exogenous ketones are an extremely effective supplement; however, they do not directly cause weight loss, they help your body enter ketosis. The supplement should be taken supplementary to a low carb diet geared towards weight loss.