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Are you thinking about beginning a Keto Diet or maybe you have already and are looking for an effective way to keep your body in Ketosis? 

What most people don't know is that you can enjoy many of the ketosis benefits just by consuming "exogenous" ketones, like the one's in Keto Base
  • Induce Ketosis within Minutes*
  • 11.7 Grams of   Per Serving
  • Boost Your Energy, Perfect for pre or post Workout
  • Kick Carb Cravings during Fasting
  • No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners
  • 100% Open-Label 
  • All-Natural Ingredients

Our premium-quality beta hydroxy-butyrate (BHB), an organic compound which serves as an alternative fuel source to carbohydrates directly converts to ketones which can allow you to enjoy all the benefits of ketosis, even if you are not following a ketogenic diet

What Does Keto Base Do For Me?


BURN FAT AND ACCELERATE PERFORMANCE - Our advanced Keto  Base formula rapidly increases blood ketone levels which in turn put yours body into a state of ketosis. Once in ketosis your body will begin to burn fat stores for energy instead of glucose. 


INCREASED MENTAL CLARITY AND FOCUS - Studies have shown that blood ketones aid in suppressing brain glucose consumption, therefore raising your ketone levels with keto base you can feel mentally sharper throughout your day. 


INCREASED ENERGY LEVELS - Whether you are looking for that extra boost at the gym or simply want to feel more energized throughout your day our exogenous ketones will help provide that energy you need. Perfect for increasing performance at the gym or before any physical activity.


REDUCED APPETITE - Keto Base supports digestion leading to a healthier metabolism which can make you feel less hungry and helps fights carb cravings throughout your day


MAINTAIN KETOSIS AFTER CONSUMING CARBS - A keto diet can be difficult to maintain especially if you are new to keto. Our advanced exogenous ketones are the perfect solution after periods of consuming high carbs to help bring you back into or maintain a state of ketosis.


NO CRASH, NO JITTERS - No Sugar, No Carbs, No Caffeine, just fast sustained energy throughout your day without any crash or jitters thanks to our all natural ingredient formula 


Unlike similar products on the market, Pure Life Keto Base contains all natural ingredients with zero sugars and zero carbs. We use all-natural coca in order to give our ketones that guilt-free delicious choc-lately flavor!


Keto Base contains only the highest-quality ingredients available and is manufactured exclusively in a GMP-certified facility here in the U.S.A. to guarantee the highest levels of efficacy, quality and purity. 



Our patented formula is not only designed for a Ketogenic Diet, but for people struggling with weight or health issues, diabetics, as well as, athletes.  Whether you are looking to lose weightimprove your health or enhance your athletic performance we guarantee you optimal results. Try it today, risk-free!



Anywhere within the US


We guarantee 100% Customer Satisfaction with Keto Base and always provide the highest quality ingredients in each and every bottle, but if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we will gladly refund you within 60 Days of your Purchase!